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About Worksite Resources
Worksite Resources, LLC was founded with the idea that rarely do core benefit programs (major medical, company paid disability etc.) and worksite programs (voluntary life, disability etc.) work in conjunction with each other. In fact, in most cases these plans are in direct conflict with each other. It is our belief that when offered correctly these plans should and will compliment one another. WR provides expertise in creating a benefit strategy including; implementation, a full range of products, creative benefit designing, enrollment services and professional levels of service. Incorporating strategies that assure our clients are taking advantage of existing benefit cost containment programs in addition to reducing the total outlay of worksite programs have proven to be extremely effective. These strategies and a “service driven” approach are vital components of WR’s success.

Worksite Resources, LLC’s corporate office is located in Cornelius, NC. Regardless of company size, with over 40 years of combined insurance experience we can create and implement a benefit strategy that addresses each of our client’s specific needs. Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you providing your employees the best core benefit and worksite programs available?
  • Do you have a specific strategy regarding these programs?
  • Do you have an “effective” top to bottom wellness strategy?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the professionalism of your current benefit providers/brokers?

The majority of the clients we work with originally felt they were doing a good job with their benefit programs.  When thoroughly researched a much different picture appeared.  Many of these companies discovered:

  • They had not taken advantage of newer concepts designed to contain cost for the employer and reduce outlay of the employee.
  • The worksite programs were not designed to be cost effective and actually were reducing the effectiveness of the core benefits.
  • When worksite programs were offered they were done unethically, too aggressively and with little professionalism.

Worksite Resources, LLC can solidify your benefit package, free up valuable cash for core benefits, offer long term strategies while reducing the burden on the employer.

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